WRHS Physics Topics

This course is designed to introduce you many of the concepts and ideas from classical physics.  Classical physics encompasses discoveries made up to the beginning of the 20th century.  The curriculum is wide and varied, covering topics that include, but are not limited to:

·            Motion in one and two dimensions

·            Forces and Newton’s Laws

·            Universal Law of Gravitation

·            Momentum, Impulse, and Impulse-Momentum Theorem

·            Vectors and Vector Addition

·            Work, Energy, and the Work-Energy Theorem

·            Heat and Heat Transfer

·            Electricity, Magnetism, and Circuits

·            Waves, Sound, and Light

 As you can see, the course covers many topics.  You will be challenged to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills.  You will learn and use your mathematics in new and challenging ways.  You must expect to work hard to master the material.  In addition to the regular assessments, you will take a mid-year exam, and a final exam, each of which count for 10 percent of the total year grade.  Freshman physics students also will take the Physics MCAS test in the spring.